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About Course

Need to review or check 12d Model designs but don’t have a license of 12d Model?

12d View is for you.

  • 12d View is a free viewing program, that lets you view 12d Model Projects and to load data from other sources into a single platform.
  • 12d View is the ideal tool for engineers, surveyors, and any site or office staff need to review or view project data in 3D.
  • 12d View’s  ability to load files from other programs and full integration with 12d Synergy makes it the ideal collaboration tool or platform for your federated model.

This on-line course is aimed at the novice operator, and will show you how to open and navigate in 12d View and extract information from the 3d Model.

Let’s get started!

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to download and install 12d View for free
  • How to open and interrogate 12d Model Projects
  • How to load 3D data from other civil design and surveying programs into 12d View

Course Content

Topic 1 – Course Outline and Installing 12d View
Topic 1 Summary In Topic 1 we explain what the 12d View program can be utilised, and what it is used for. We also explain where to download and install the 12d View program ready to be used.

  • Lesson 1-1 What is 12d View?
  • Lesson 1-2 Download and Install 12d View

Topic 2 – Two ways to use 12d View
Topic 2 Summary In Topic 2 we cover the way 12d View can be used to view the data for your project. An existing 12d Model Project can be opened and viewed, or a new 12d View project can be opened and project data files can be loaded into the program to be interrogated.

Topic 3 – Display Options in 12d View
Topic 3 Summary In Topic 3 we cover the way the 12d View program can be used to view the data for your project. We continue to use the project and look at the how we can view the project data in Plan, Section and Perspective views. Utilising the commands available for Displaying the project data.

Topic 4 – Interrogating the Data in 12d View
Topic 4 Summary In Topic 4 we cover the way the 12d View program can be used to interrogate the data for your project. We look at how to inquire on the project data and the different inquire styles available. Then we go through all of the measure commands available in 12d View. Measuring between points, perpendicular to strings, angles, plan areas and cross-falls between strings. Tins/surfaces are covered and how we can inquire and analyse these in relation to strings or other tins.

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great course
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Very useful for a beginner