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201 – Civil Design Fundamentals

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About Course

Civil Design Fundamentals

This course is about road design.  You will learn the three things that are required to design, how to combine them to create a road, then drive along your road.

  • Importing survey data and triangulate it to create a ‘survey’ tin.
  • Create a ‘design templates’ to define the cross section for the road.
  • Create Control String for the Centreline of the road.  In 12d Model this ‘Super Alignment’ has both horizontal and vertical design.

The three components are then combined in an ‘Apply Function’, where strings and cross sections will be created to bring the design together.

The course will also cover centreline geometry set-out tables, long and cross section plotting, labelling centreline chainages, creating batter ticks, and export to CAD.

When you have completed this course you will be familiar with the 12d Model user interface, be able to load and triangulate survey data, create templates and create super alignments for control strings.
You will be familiar with the process to bring these components together for a road design that can be plotted and exported to CAD.
If you have already used 12d Model, and had instruction from your colleagues, you will have head start with the material in this course, but you can be sure that there will be something here for you too.

Course Outline

  • Open an existing 12d Model project, and load CAD data in DWG format, and survey data in 12da format.
  • Use the survey data to create a triangulation (TIN), then edit the TIN (remove long triangles etc).
  • Create a design templates of a typical road cross section.
  • Use 12d Model’s tools to create a Super Alignment for the Centreline control string.
  • Use 12d Model’s Apply function to bring the three parts together to create a road design.
  • Drive down the road design on-screen in a perspective view.
  • Create plots of the design directly from 12d Model to PDF, and export the design to DWG.
  • Create Batter ticks/tadpoles on the road design interface slopes.
  • Label Centreline chainages along the road design.
  • Create centreline geometry set-out tables.
  • Long and Cross Section plotting of the road design.

12d Solutions has a defined structure of training modules.
The material that we teach you in this on-line course is equivalent to the material covered in sessions;

  • A01 – Alignment Design IP method.
  • D01 – Design “Apply Templates”.
  • P02 – Plotting of Longitudinal and Cross Section information.

The PDF course notes for these modules is included in the resources for this course and can be downloaded from the links below.

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What Will You Learn?

  • This course is designed to get you familiar with the Basics of 12d Model Road Design.
  • It is a great introduction to12d Road Design basics, and the stepping stone to more advanced courses.

Course Content

Topic 1 – Open Existing 12d Model Project
Topic 1 Summary The lesson in Topic 1 will show how to install 12d Model and download the training data.

  • Lesson 1.0 – Summary of Topic 1
  • Lesson 1.1 – Install 12d Model and Download Training Data
  • Lesson 1-2 Open Showcase Project

Topic 2 – Import Survey Data
Topic 2 Summary. The lessons in Topic 2 will demonstrate how to open an existing 12d Model project, then how to import the survey data into the 12d Model project. There are 12da and DWG data to be imported. Once the data is imported into the existing project, then the data will be checked.

Topic 3 – Triangulation of Survey Data
Topic 3 Summary. The lessons in Topic 3 will show you how to create a triangulation/surface of the survey data. Once the tin is created, how to view the tin and look at the available toggle settings for the tin. Additional Tin settings will be covered, as well how the tin can be nulled and a boundary be created to save the manual nulling completed for the tin.

Topic 4 – Design Templates
Topic 4 Summary The lessons in Topic 4 will show you how to create design templates for rural and urban road design, utilising the fixed, cut, fill and final cut/fill components available for templates. Templates can also be copied, renamed, be added and removed from a project as well importing and exporting templates from different projects.

Topic 5 – Super Alignment Design for the Control String
Topic 5 Summary. The lessons in Topic 5 will show you how to create a Super Alignment for a road centreline. Utilising the features for both the horizontal and vertical design of the centreline.

Topic 6 – Creating a Road Design
Topic 6 Summary. The lessons in Topic 6 will show you how to create a road design, by combining the survey triangulation, design template and super alignment control string. These components are joined in an Apply function, where strings and cross sections will be created.

Topic 7 – Extra Design Options
Topic 7 Summary. The lessons in Topic 7 will show you how to create batter ticks or tadpoles, label centreline chainages, create tables of centreline geometry information. These options can then either be plotted or exported to a CADD program.

Topic 8 – Plotting the Design
Topic 8 Summary. The lessons in Topic 8 will show you how to create long and cross section plots of the road design, how they can be plotted to a model to view inside 12d Model or exported to a DWG file.

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2 days ago
The resources are very helpful
3 weeks ago
AS a beginner of 12d model, this course really thought me a lot about 12d
1 month ago
Awesome course and easy to follow
1 month ago
Great well rounded road design course
2 months ago
Very useful!!
2 months ago
2 months ago
it's very useful
2 months ago
Very Helpful
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5 months ago
great course
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5 months ago
Pretty good demonstration
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I loved it!
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great course !!
12 months ago
A great introduction to roadway design.
1 year ago
Yes it was good
1 year ago
Very good cource