203 – Civil Design Land Development Bus Bays, Superelevation & Widening

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About Course

Civil Design Enhancements for Land Development

This Course builds on the work done in ‘202-Civil Design Land Development’
If you are comfortable creating an MTF and an Apply MTF Function and want to know more about the design tools available then this course is for you.
If you already use 12d Model and want to learn the latest design techniques then there will be something here for you too.
When you have completed this course you will be familiar with the most commonly used MTF commands and how they are used to model complex road design surfaces.

Course Outline

  • Open the existing Road Design Project
  • Insert a string into your road design model, and modify the lane width to create parallel parking
  • Insert a V Drain between the traffic lane and the parking bay area
  • Create kerb transitions for kerb-and-gutter to kerb-only through the parking bay
  • Transition between the parking bay and the carriageway (design a simple taper or a reverse curve)
  • Change the road crossfall my modifying the road and shoulder strings to achieve your desired full superelevation values and design approach and departure transitions
  • Apply road widening to a Channelised Right Turn (CHR) Rural Road Intersection
  • Through the course you will be shown how to use 12d Model’s ‘Smart Chainages’ instead of explicit Chainage values
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What Will You Learn?

  • This course is designed to move you into more detailed Road Design using the 12d Model program.
  • How to create Parking Bays and Bus Bays, along with Super Elevation and Road Widening using 12d Model.
  • The commands used will be from inside the MTF Modifiers and Apply MTF panels.

Course Content

Topic 1 – Course Summary & Introduction

  • Lesson 1-1 Introduction
  • Lesson 1-2 Download Course Training Data and Open Project
  • Lesson 1-3 Lets see what is in the Showcase Project

Topic 2 – Creating a Parking Bay area along your Road Design

Topic 3 – Applying Superelevation to your Road Design

Topic 4 – Applying Road Widening to your Road Design

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