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401 – Survey Data Reduction (SDR) Fundamentals

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This is the ‘Introduction to 12d Model SURVEYING’ course.
This course is for Surveyors that have already undertaken the 12d Model Introduction course.
If you are a new to surveying in 12d Model, then this is the course for you.  If you have already used 12d Model, and had instruction from your colleagues, then there will be something here for you too.
When you have completed this course you will be familiar with the 12d Model survey tools, be able to load and edit survey data, triangulate and create contours for plotting and export to your client.
You will be comfortable using the drafting tools in 12d Model, and you will have had exposure to the techniques of surface modelling for design, analysis of surface features, and calculation of earthwork volumes.

Course Outline

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12d Solutions has a defined structure of training courses.
The material that covered in this online course

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Course Content

TOPIC 1 – Getting started with 12d Model and this Course
This topic will cover how to download and install the software, download the course content and open the appropriate project.

  • Lesson 1.1 Introduction to Survey Data Reduction in 12d Model
  • Lesson 1.2 Download and Install 12d Model
  • Lesson 1.3 Download Training Data
  • Lesson 1.4 Open the 12d Model Showcase Project
  • Lesson 1.5 Open the 12d Model SDR Fundamentals Project

Topic 2 – Reducing Surveyed Data
This topic will show you how to read in your field file using a Survey Data Reduction Function

Topic 3 – Survey Editing Methods
This topic will show you the different survey editing methods within the SDR function.

Topic 4 – CAD Edits
Your ability to make changes or updates to your survey data is parmount to your ability to produce an accurate survey drawing or data to your client. The videos in this Topic will help you understand some of the many CAD Editing options available to you within 12d Model.

Topic 5 – Create the Triangulation
It is an important component of a deliverable to a client to best represent the terrain. Within 12d Model we create a Triangular Irregular Network known as a TIN. In this topic you will learn that a “Triangulated Irregular Network” (TIN) is an accurate method of representing a 3D surface. It is used to find interpolated elevations at any location on the data set, with examples like survey ground points or a set of design strings. These videos will show you how to create a TIN, contours and labels ready to export the data to your client.

Topic 6 – Labelling the Data
Labeling is the activity of placing text on a plan in relation to the symbols, together representing features and properties of the real world. Using text effectively creates survey plans that are clear, informative, and attractive. There are many ways to label in 12d Model and this Topic will demonstrate some of those methods.

Topic 7 – Plotting
This topic will demonstrate the simplest and one of the most advanced plan plotting tools in available in 12d model.

Topic 8 – Data Output
There are many software packages out there that can be used to read and write survey data. 12d Model offers you many methods to both read and write these files. The Videos in this topic will show you some of the options available to you to share your data.

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4 months ago
Great course.
4 months ago
very helpful
6 months ago
some very useful info for post processing survey, although some info was repeated from the intro course.
6 months ago
this course really thought me a alot about 12d
6 months ago
7 months ago
It was great. I learned so many new thing. Thanx