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601 – Digital Engineering – Work with Attributes and the Attribute Manipulator File

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Digital Engineering – Work with Attributes and the Attribute Manipulator File

Working with Attributes in 12d Model
If you are a Designer in a Digital Engineering environment, or if you collect attributes when you Survey underground services then this is the course for you.
You will learn to create and manipulate attributes to enable your projects to meet Digital Engineering and BIM requirements.
This course introduces the concepts of working with attributes, and starts by showing how attributes can be manually added and deleted.
We quickly move to adding and editing attributes in a spreadsheet, then move to the Attribute Manipulator, where you really take control of your attributes

Course Outline

  • Open the supplied 12d Model ‘Showcase’ project.
  • Manually add Attributes to an underground telecommunications string
  • Export the Attributes to a spreadsheet, and add more Attributes
  • Add the Attributes into an ‘Attribute Group’ both manually and via the spreadsheet.
  • Delete unwanted Attributes
  • Store ‘Project Attributes’ using the ‘Project Details panel.
  • Create an Attribute Manipulator file with rules to push the Project Attributes onto the Utility strings.
  • Create an Attribute Manipulator file with rules to Concatenate Attributes (join many attributes together into one)
  • Create an Attribute Manipulator file with rules to De-Concatenate Attributes (divide the Attribute)

12d Solutions has a defined structure of training modules.
The material that we teach you in this on-line course is not available from 12d Solutions or the – it’s in the BIM course.

The Data set for this course can be found under the resources tab – just above here.

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to View, Create, and Delete Attributes
  • How to export Attributes to a Spreadsheet and Add, Edit, and Delete Attributes using the Spreadsheet
  • How to use an Attribute (the size) to set the diameter of a string
  • How to create an Attribute Manipulator File
  • How to use/apply an Attribute Manipulator File

Course Content

Topic 1 – Introducing Attributes

  • Lesson 1.1 Introducing Attributes

Topic 2 – Working with Attributes
The basic tools for working with attributes. Manualy create, edit and delete attributes. Use a spreadsheet to add and modify attributes

Topic 3 – Attribute Manipulation – Fundamentals
Introduces the fundamentals of using the Attribute Manipulator using simple examples

Topic 4 – Attribute Manipulation – More Things to do with Attributes
We expand on the ideas from the 'Fundamentals' lessons to

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2 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
Great, learnt a lot of excellent skills. Would be nice to have a part two on this to further explore different attribute manipulation techniques
3 months ago
4 months ago
Good course
5 months ago
8 months ago
12 months ago
Thanks Tony!
1 year ago
very informative
1 year ago
Very helpful and thorough