611 – Digital Engineering – Intro to MetaConnex

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About Course

Digital Engineering – Introduction to MetaConnex

Using MetaConnex in 12d Model
If you find yourself navigating the intricate landscape of attribute management, whether in the realms of ADAC, A-Spec, RAMS, BIM, or GIS data, then the MetaConnex course is your compass.
This course is designed for those users keen on mastering the art of structured attribute lists and efficient data organization.
MetaConnex is a toolkit that differs from conventional approaches. These lessons will show you that attributes are not just managed, but dynamically calculated, validated, and customized with over 90 computation functions.
Explore the use of substitution values, error logging, with unique computational power that you can use to sculpt your data with precision.
Join us to learn where setting, validating, and editing attributes become not just a task but an art, ensuring your project’s data integrity stands resilient throughout its lifecycle.
This course is intended as an introduction to MetaConnex.

Course Outline

  • Open the supplied 12d Model ‘Showcase’ project.
  • Edit MetaConnex file to create Attributes
  • Validate Data using the MetaConnex Validation tools
  • Set data globally and individually using the MetaConnex Set tool

The Data set for this course can be found under the resources tab – just above here.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Create and Organize Attributes: Efficiently structure attribute lists using MetaConnex's code names.
  • Set and Validate Data: Ensure attribute accuracy before exporting data with MetaConnex tools.

Course Content

Topic 1 – Introduction

  • Introducing Metaconnex

Topic 2 – Creating Metaconnex File

Topic 3 – Apply, Set and Apply MetaConnex File

Topic 4 – Duplicating Attributes and Apply to other Codes

Topic 5 MetaConnex – Function Calls

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