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150 – Alignment Design using IPs

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Alignment Design using I.P.s

Here are practical examples and reference material for Road Designers
If you use Intersection Points (I.P.s) to design Super Alignments for then you have probably figured out what three or four of the buttons do, and you use these all the time.
If you want to be better at your job, then this course is for you.
We hope after you have watched the videos, that the course will become a valuable reference to the design tools and how they work .
It’s not a course as such, but a series of videos that demonstrate each of the design tools.
If you want to work through the examples shown, you can do so using the data provided in the ‘Introduction to 12d Model’ Course.  Simply enroll in that course, download the dataset, and work through the exercises.
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What Will You Learn?

  • All the functionality of the IP method using Super Alignments in 12d Model

Course Content

Topic 1 – Open Existing 12d Model Project
Topic 1 Summary The lessons in Topic 1 will discuss what will be covered in the Alignment Design using IP's course.

  • Lesson 1.1 Course Summary

Topic 2 – Append H.I.P.
Topic 2 Summary The lessons in Topic 2 will show how to create a Super Alignment string and start creating horizontal intersection points (H.I.P.'s). Locating the H.I.P.'s at a cursor location, or relative to an already created H.I.P.

Topic 3 – Append V.I.P.
Topic 3 Summary The lessons in Topic 3 will show how to setup a section view and profile the super alignment ready to create the vertical intersection points (V.I.P.'s). Then creating V.I.P.'s along the alignment either by cursor locations or relative to existing V.I.P.'s.

Topic 4 – Inserting I.P.’s
Topic 4 Summary The lessons in Topic 4 will show how to insert both H.I.P.'s and V.I.P.'s along the alignment. This can be achieved either by selecting cursor locations or by entering chainage and heights, or even by grade and distance from an existing V.I.P.

Topic 5 – Filter I.P.’s
Topic 5 Summary The lesson in Topic 5 will show how to filter/remove any H.I.P.'s and V.I.P.'s that are not required on the alignment.

Topic 6 – Delete I.P.
Topic 6 Summary The lesson in Topic 6 will show how to delete both H.I.P.'s and V.I.P.'s on a super alignment string.

Topic 7 – Move H.I.P. / V.I.P.
Topic 7 Summary The lesson in Topic 7 will show how to move a H.I.P. on an alignment string.

Topic 8 – Move HG Parts
Topic 8 Summary The lesson in Topic 8 will show how to change the easting and/or northing of a group of H.I.P.'s.

Topic 9 – Move VG Parts
Topic 9 Summary The lesson in Topic 9 will show how to move a group of V.I.P.'s by height and/or chainage along the alignment string.

Topic 10 – Extend I.P.
Topic 10 Summary The lessons in Topic 10 will show how to extend lines/straights along the alignment string for both H.I.P.'s and V.I.P.'s by eyeing it in or extending by a specified length.

Topic 11 – Tangent Wizard
Topic 11 Summary The lesson in Topic 11 will show how to extend a vertical curve to ensure either the maximum radius for a horizontal curve or a maximum length for a vertical curve.

Topic 12 – Move Tangent Point
Topic 12 Summary The lessons in Topic 12 will show how to manually move the tangent point for either a horizontal curve or a vertical curve.

Topic 13 – Change Curve
Topic 13 Summary The lesson in Topic 13 will show how to set the radius of a horizontal curve or the length of a vertical curve.

Topic 14 – Height / Grade of V.I.P.
Topic 14 Summary The lessons in Topic 14 will show how to set the height of a V.I.P., or the grade between V.I.P.'s.

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1 month ago
Good basic tutorial on super alignments
1 month ago
2 months ago
2 months ago
Very useful
2 months ago
4 months ago
Nice clear lessons, divided up into small videos so you can easily refer back to the section you want later on.
5 months ago
5 months ago
6 months ago
Yes it was, really helpful.
6 months ago
Helps with the small commands to work more efficiently.
6 months ago
Very Informative
7 months ago
great !!
2 years ago
Alignment Designing process is well explained.
2 years ago
This course was helpful in learning the different capabilities of each function
2 years ago
really good
2 years ago
A good course to go through the various controls for I.P.s on alignment designs
2 years ago
very useful for beginners.
2 years ago
2 years ago