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204 – Civil Design Land Development – Snippets

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About Course

Civil Design Land Development – Snippets

This Course builds on the work done in ‘203-Civil Design Land Development’
If you are comfortable creating an MTF and an Apply MTF Function and want to know more about the design tools available then this course is for you.
If you already use 12d Model and want to learn the latest design techniques then there will be something here for you too.
When you have completed this course you will be familiar with the process of inserting “Snippets” into your design MTF’s and how they are used to model complex road design surfaces.

Course Outline

  • Open the existing Road Design Project.
  • What is a Snippet?
  • Where can I find Snippets?
  • Insert strings into your road design model, and then create a snippet from these modifiers in the MTF panel.
  • Use the newly created Snippet in the road design.
  • Find the Snippet library and insert snippets into the project to use in the design.
  • Use a library snippet to create the road design strings and sections.
  • Snippets can also modify design strings. For example inserting driveways and pram ramps to the design easily.
  • Inserting Drainage Pits and Lintels along the kerbs in the road design.
  • Learning how to create road design pavements utilising the power of snippets.
  • Creating multiple layers of pavements.
  • Creating batter/topsoil layers for volumes.
  • Modelling the Kerb Profiles along the road design.
  • Design changes and updating designs with the power of snippets.
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What Will You Learn?

  • The Benefits of utilising Snippets in your designs.
  • How the "Snippets" work from the library shipped with 12d Model when saved with your project.
  • How to use "Snippets" in your MTF designs.
  • Easily add Driveways and Pram Ramps to your road design, utilising specially set up Snippets.
  • Add a Drainage Pit and Lintel to the road design, utilising specially set up Snippets.
  • Create pavement, batter and kerb & gutter designs easily and with great functionality using Snippets.

Course Content

Topic 1 – Course Summary and Introduction

  • Lesson 1.1 Course Introduction
  • Lesson 1.2 Download Training Data and Open the 12d Model Project
  • Lesson 1.3 Open the Showcase Project

Topic 2 – Creating Road Design Strings by using “Insert Snippets”

Topic 3 – Modifying Road Design Strings by using Modify Snippets

Topic 4 – Create Pavement Layers / Boxing using Snippets

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3 weeks ago
Very Helpful Well done
1 month ago
Great, learnt some very helpful new skills. Sometimes went a little fast on the process, but not a major
8 months ago
Great demonstration!
8 months ago
Very informative and helps in doing road pavements