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Creating Pram Ramps and Driveways

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Creating Pram Ramps and Driveways

A Workflow for the Civil Designer tasked to create Pram Ramps and Driveways!
Here you will learn how to set up your Pram Ramp and Driveway Designs:

  • MTF Setup to tie into existing features on a brownfield site.
  • Apply MTF Manager is used along with the MTF seed file option to quickly generate the links and then further modifiers are used to match the existing site as required.
  • A quick look at the “Pram Ramp” snippet provided by 12d (perpendicular to the Reference string).
  • Create a Design Chain for the processing of the MTF options.
  • Creation of the temporary Computated strings and tin surface for the calculation of the Ramps or Driveways.
  • The “Computate Strings” option is demonstrated using both the Grid and Template method.
  • Additional changes are required to match back into our tie-in footpath strings and then we are ready to create a Chain combining all the Super Alignments and function to re-calculate the Ramp construction tin surface.
  • Look at the Ramp locations and what is required for the Function to calculate the positions correctly.  Either a simple Super String or Computated SA string can be used as the location strings.
  • Completing the required Ramp settings, we apply the function and then finish the design off with some final MTF modifiers.
  • Set up the Chain and show how the whole process is now recalculate when required.
We do not provide a project.
Note that you will require a license of 12d Model V15 (including the ‘Alignment’ module) to reproduce the steps that are demonstrated.
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What Will You Learn?

  • How to create pram ramps and driveways into your road design.

Course Content

Topic 1 – Introduction

  • Lesson 1.1 Introduction

Topic 2 – MTF Setup

Topic 3 – Setup SA Computate Strings

Topic 4 Create Ramps and Driveways

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