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Stormwater Catchments

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About Course

A refresher for experienced engineers, a place to see new techniques, or a resource to learn about this part of 12d Model.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to assign a known Catchment Area to a Node
  • Techniques for drafting a catchment polygons.
  • How to use the Automatic Catchment Creation tool.
  • How to use the Raindrop tool to define Catchment Boundaries.
  • How to Assign Catchment Polygons to nodes.
  • How to automatically label the Catchments (Catchment Plan).

Course Content

Introduction to Stormwater Catchments
In Topic 1 we will look at the different types of Stormwater Catchments and what we will be covering in the workflow videos.

  • Lesson 1.1 Introduction to Stormwater Catchments

I know the Catchment Area
If you know the area of the catchment that drains to a node, then simply enter that area.

I need to draft Catchment Polygons
The area of each Catchment polygon will be measured and assigned to the node. This is how to create the Catchment Polygons

Raindrop Tool
In this topic we will look at the stormwater tool called "Raindrop" and how it will analyse the tin surface to calculate where the raindrop will travel over the terrain from a selected position.

Assigning Catchment Strings to Nodes
In this topic we will cover how to assign a new catchment to the stormwater pit it will drain into.

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2 weeks ago
great course !!
2 weeks ago
Good Tutorial
2 months ago
Very useful. Would be better if the 12d resource package is also provided.
2 months ago
3 months ago
Clearly explained about Stormwater catchments. Very helpful.
3 months ago
Great tips and tricks
4 months ago
Good course
5 months ago
Very good course. Please more courses on drainage and catchments
8 months ago
This was a great course to outline all the available options in creating catchments