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Download and Unzip the 12d Model Project that we will use for this course, and a brief overview of the Project
Hydraulic Analysis #1 – External Flows and Known Catchments
Add a known flow to Node A/2, and examine how it flows through the network. Add catchment areas to B/1 and B/2 and use Rational Hydrology to determine the peak flows off these catchments, and how these flow move thorugh the network
Errors and Warnings #1
At this stage in our analysis of the network, we are putting more water into the system than it has capacity to carry. This topic explains the error and warning messages that 12d Model sends to the user.
321 Stormwater Drainage – Design and Analysis using the Rational Method
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If you have completed the ‘Stormwater Geometry’ course then this project will be familiar to you.

In the geometric course, you will have marked sag points, and have created flow lines to show how water flows through the road gutters.
You will have decided where stormwater nodes need to be located and you will have created the network of nodes and links.

The network will have been graded to ensure minimum cover and minimum grade for all of the links, and that there is sufficient clearance between the stormwater system and other utility services.

We now need to do a hydrological and hydraulic analysis, and to design the network for the anticipated flows

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