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About Course

This Workflow is aimed at users who know nothing about Mapfiles.

This workflow will demonstrate all the available options that the mapfile has to use on your data.

The Mapfile workflow will cover everything from the basics of organising the data into models, right through to adding symbols, attributes, pipe sizes and visualisation options.

Options that will be covered:

  • Placing data based on names/codes into different models, colouring the data and adding linestyles to easily determine each different part of the dataset.
  • Attaching symbols to data.
  • Using attributes to dynamically scale symbols and for example, determine the species of a tree to select the correct symbol for the data.
  • Setting up the correct pipe/culvert for the SUI services, utilising attributes to determine sizes and quality levels.
  • Visualisation objects can be placed onto the data.
  • Apply the mapfile through different options to process the data.

This course demonstrates the use of a Mapfile during the reduction of Survey field observations
The ‘Survey’ module is required to use this part of 12d Model.
An indepth course about reducing Survey observations can be found at 12d Model Surveying Fundamentals

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What Will You Learn?

  • This workflow describes the operation of the 12d Model Map File

Course Content

Topic 1 – Introduction to Mapfiles

  • Lesson 1.1 Downloading Data and Open the 12d Model Project
  • Lesson 1.2 Introduction To Mapfiles – What Is A Mapfile

Topic 2 – Mapfile Settings
This topic will cover the different options available in a 12d Model Mapfile

Topic 3 – Applying the Mapfile
In this topic the mapfile will be applied to the data

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